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How to pay online

How to pay online

For Your Convenience: Online Payments for AURORA® Services Possible Now

Nowadays, Internet is the main source of news, info on events, products, and services. Most of people make purchases only after thorough Internet search and comparison of available options.  Online payments are also very popular.

Medical Center AURORA® makes a wonderful Season’s gift to its patients.  Now, you can pay online for our products and services – from any country worldwide, in any currency, in one or more installments.

All you need is a VISA or MasterCard.


Advantages of the online payments

  • Your family, friends, or sponsors can pay for products and services you need.
  • Online payments can be made both in Ukraine and abroad – in more than 150 countries worldwide.
  • Several persons can pay one invoice by parts.
  • Online payments cover all products and services offered by Medical Center AURORA®, including hearing aids, cochlear implants, and accessories thereto, as well as diagnostic, cochlear implantation, hearing aid fitting, repair, and other services.




What do you need for online payment?

You need two things only:

  • Internet access.
  • VISA or MasterCard authorized for online payments.
    This may be a card issued by any bank in any currency.



How to pay online for the products and services you need?


A procedure of online payment to AURORA® is quite simple:

  • Otiocn Hearing aids and ConnectLine SystemFirst, make an appointment at Medical Center AURORA® (by phone, by SMS, via E-mail or online), and obtain an invoice for the necessary products and services, upon the consultation.
  • Notify the person issuing the invoice that you wish to pay the invoice online and provide your e-mail. 
  • Receive the invoice and a link for online payment to the e-mail provided.  This invoice and the link will be valid for 5 days.
  • Click the link and go to the online payment service page LiqPay of PrivatBank.  Please be careful when entering the card details and a security password.
  • You may send this invoice and the payment link to your family, friends, or sponsors living in Ukraine or abroad, to pay your invoice.
  • You will be notified via e-mail when Medical Center AURORA?® receives your payment.
  • Upon this notification, make an appointment at Medical Center AURORA® and receive the products and services paid.


We believe this new service will help you to achieve better hearing and enjoy higher living standards. 


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